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About Us

A pinch of Moringa a day will keep your ailments at bay, trust us!

Hyrin Herbals is a conscientious and responsible brand, deeply committed to the Herbal Traits of moringa leaves. Nestled amidst the lush groves of the Moringa leaves are its health and medicinal benefits, and we have set foot to flip them over and unveil the same to the world. Our infatuation and passion towards the moringa leaves have grown fervent only to curate organic by-products from it, namely, Organic Moringa Powder, Moringa Tablets, Moringa Capsules, and Moringa Tea.

Our thriving Moringa Plantation, spanning 18 acres in Srilanka is not only an expansive cultivation ground but is an opportunity oasis/employment hub for many war widows and single mothers. At the awakening of the Hyrin Herbals brand, we are set to equip the hands of Srilankan women war survivors and single mothers. Through these career prospects, we enable them to stand self and independent and soar sky-high.

As we march towards establishing a strong foothold in the global markets, we aspire to compete with international entities and be acknowledged and recognised as a world player. We crave not just a place in the worldwide marketplace, but to carve our niche where our brand resonates the most.